SA-BA Endüstriyel Ürünler A.Ş.

There is no discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or sex at Sa-ba; equal opportunities are provided for people who are under equal circumstances.


The aim is to select executives, who can accomplish their duties completely and who possess professional qualities, and to provide a safe and healthy work environment and career development opportunity to all employees.


• Besides personal and vocational matters, trainings about first aid, earthquake, fire and other essential matters are given to employees.


• İstihdam, Anayasa’nın 50. ve 17. maddeleriyle 4857 sayılı İş Kanunu’nun 71. maddesine göre yapılır.


• Employment is realized according to the 50th and 17th articles of the Constitution and the 71st article of Labour Law numbered 4857.


• Those who plan their careers at Sa-ba spend their professional lives at market's one of the institutions which have the deepest experience in domestic market.


• Sa-ba, which meets the multi-dimensional requirements of institutionalisation with the contribution of its exportation of approximately twenty years and foreign cooperations, offers a work environment at international standards, prepared meticulously.


• Your labour will not remain unreturned thanks to active performance and productivity management method at Sa-ba which offers continuous vocational training and self-improvement opportunities to employees at every level.


• The balanced relationship set between individual performance and team work offers various opportunities for career planning at Sa-ba.


Those who want to integrate Sa-ba's total quality approach with their professionalism can make an application by sending their CVs with a photograph at e-mail address.