SA-BA Endüstriyel Ürünler A.Ş.

Our Environmental Policy

Our firm, which carries out its activities in automotive sector with care and by offering products with injection, mounting, vibratory-ultrasonic welding, lac, electronic card and metallised processes, including design, directed to customer satisfaction and within the framework of national and international quality and environment standards continuously since the year 1976, has adopted productivity and quality in production as principle on condition that legal requirements are complied with and the environment is respected for a clean and liveable environment. Our policy has been documented; an Environmental Management Representative has been assigned by the management to ensure its implementation and continuity.

 In this direction;

·        Reducing utilisation of resources,

·        Minimizing wastes that derive from processes and preventing pollution,

·        Complying with local, national and other obligations and regulations related to the environment,

·        Ensuring re-use of our wastes recycling and recovery of which are possible,

·        Raising and extending the consciousness of working staff and suppliers that do outsource processing or make components; regarding the environment, workers' health and occupational safety,

·        Keeping the factor of environment at the forefront in our new projects in circumstances when alternatives are available,

·        Continuously improving environmental goals and continuous development

·        Our policy's creating a framework in the determination and realisation of all our environmental aims and objectives

·        Informing all of our employees and all those who work on behalf of Sa-ba about it

·        Our policy's being open to examination of all those who want will be ensured.

 This policy will be kept alive within the scope of "Total Quality Management" with the participation of all employees and suppliers, together with the Company Quality Policy.